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The Wheel of Time turns...

...and leaves behind it much roadkill, including this page...

Last updated: 2002.12.26

I put this page together back in late 1993, I think, when Robert Jordan pages were few and far between. They are now many and close together. This page no longer fills a real need in the world, except as a means of contacting other, more complete Jordan pages. The major contact points are:
List of absolutely and incontrovertibly all Jordan sites in the Known Universe.
This collection, put together by Pam Korda and now maintained by Zeynep Dilli, can link you to anywhere that you need to go. If you have something specific you want to find, go here to find it. If you just want to browse, go here, too, but make sure you have several days of vacation coming up...
An interesting and, I think, useful combination of Jordan fandom and commercialization.
Bill Garrett's Jordan Site.
I hadn't intended to add any more personal Jordan compendia to this list, but Bill's was just too much fun to pass up ...
Encyclopedia WoT.
An attempt to build an encyclopedia about everything in the Wheel of Time.
The Robert Jordan FTP site, accessible through The Waygate.
Moved hither from Georgia Tech. Hello, Rick.
The Wheel of Time FAQ.
Erica Sadun, the Dowager FAQueen, created the FAQ. Pam Korda, the current FAQueen, built it up to be almost as long as one of the books. Helmut Geyer, mentioned above, converted it to a set of HTML files so that it would actually be usable by those of us with 14.4 kbd modems. Get the FAQ. Love the FAQ. Live the FAQ. Or however it goes...
All the News That Fits, and a lot that doesn't.
When is the next book coming out? Is Taim really Demandred? Is Rand crazy? Will there be a Bay Area DF Social this year? Is Novak really the humblest man on the net? Is Jordan's The Westwood really the same place as Tolkien's The Shire, or perhaps Milne's Hundred- Acre Wood? The latest facts, opinions and follies are to be found right here.

And for those who want to see what it actually looks like...

Prologue to Lord of Chaos.
Almost thirty thousand words' worth of the sixth book in the series. Would you believe that this was just the prologue??
Chapter 1 of Crossroads of Twilight
They couldn't give you the Prologue, because that was sold separately for electronic release, but here's a chapter of Mat Cauthon ruminating over the the ruinous Battle of Ebou Dar, which somehow got dropped through the crack between books.
The Strike at Shayol Ghul.
At last it can be (and has been) told -- how Lews Therin Telamon led the Hundred (more or less) Companions in the strike that sealed the Bore -- and the fate of the world. Learn about the War of the Power, the huge kick-ass sa'angreal, the infighting and politicking that went on among the Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends. Straight from the pen of the Creator....
The Eye of the World, Chapter 6 ... in Esperanto.
Even the Creator himself probably wouldn't recognize this, but here it is -- a sample chapter in Esperanto translation for those of my Esperanto-speaking compatriots on the net who can't -- or would prefer not to -- read English. Enjoy or wonder, as the spirit takes you. Also includes links in the prefatory material to Pam Korda's index, Tor Books' home page, and r.a.sf.w.r-j. I expect to be able to link from this document to an Old Tongue translation of something from Jordan, done by Aaron Bergman, in the not too distant future. (Are you reading this, Aaron???)
Click here to view video and more!Crossroads of Twilight Bookwrap
"We invite you to add this link to your web page free of charge :)" says Elena Stokes at Tor. Who could pass up an offer like that???

I have omitted many items which some may consider essential to any Jordan page such as, for instance, John Novak's gallery of Wheel of Time fan art, Karl-Johan Norén's summary and analysis of Jordan's reading of part of the prologue to A Crown of Swords, and Aaron Bergman's study of the Old Tongue (this latter, however, is linked through a footnote in the first chapter of the on-line version of The Esperanto Book, available elsewhere in my repository). All of these items and many others can be reached through Pam Korda's index page, above.
With thanks to the many Jordanites who have inspired me over the past 2+ years, through the medium of Usenet, and elsewhere, only some of whom are listed here:
Judy Ghirardelli
...who played for me the same role that Avendesora played for Goetam. Remember the Great Hoax, Judy?
...who brought whole new meanings to the terms "brainwashed" and "semi-literate". (I am assuming that the name is that of an ancient Roman epigrammist and not simply a misspelling of a common English adjective, though arguments could be made both ways.)
Roy Navarre
...whose enthusiasm for Lanfear may serve as an inspiration for the rest of us. Well, half of the rest of us, anyway.
John Novak
...whose passionate humility I wish I could emulate.
Chad Orzel
...also known to the cognoscenti as "Oilcan". Don't give up hope, Chad; the revolution is on its way!
Erica Sadun
...whose opinions are always interesting. You could be right about Chris Columbus, Erica!
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
...who, I suspect, would have found The Wheel of Time much more enjoyable than some of his more rabid partisans seem to -- though he might be less likely to consider it world-shaking literature than some of us here do.

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