Season 1 finale

Premere Episode of BOTNSSB

Author: Nesshelper

Cast: Nesshelper, Freeza, all of his main minions (Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoom, Guldo, Zarbon, Zarbon-2, Dodoria, Kuwi, Vegeta (how I spell his name), Nappa, and Radditz), Carltron, Kuririn, Chao-Zu, Gohan, Goku, Piccolo, Yamacha, Tien (spelled Tienshinan in Japanese), Fox, Ness,
Nesshelper: Hi, what we're going to do is show the scenes of Season 1, including the not so funny ones. Let's show them now.

(On the screen)


Captain Falcon: MAKE US!

Samus Aran: Yeah, we need a place to stay.

Fox: You never asked for permission to land here.

Captain Falcon: Neither of us care.

(Off the screen)

Fox: That scene sucked.

Ness: I agree, but why did you have to use the word "sucked"?

Fox: Because it's supposed to make people laugh. Look at Nesshelper.

(Ness notices Nesshelper is laughing at what Fox just said.)

Falco: Let's look at the next scene.

(On the screen)

Captain Falcon: FALCON..

(Suddenly, Captain Falcon gets shot by accident by the laser shot from Ness' Arwing.)

Captain Falcon: I demand a remaaaatch!

DDH, A.K.A. Nesshelper: Sorry, you're not getting one until Great Fox get to Area 6.

(Captain Falcon says a bad word and BOTNSSB Censors slaps a "Censored" sign on him and a cow also falls on him.)

(Off the screen)

(All of the good guys on the Great Fox were laughing like crazy.)

Wolf: Nesshelper, you just proved that Captain Falcon sucked.

Nesshelper: Thanks for the compliment. Captain Falcon has no projectiles so that's why my opinion of him is "He sucks."

(Back on the screen)

(Ness and James McCloud escape Venom which suddenly blows up.)

(Back off the screen)

Peppy: How did Venom get back to life?

Slippy: The Dragon Balls on Earth were used to resurrect it.

Peppy: Maybe the Namekian Dragon Balls will be used to resurrect it again.

Nesshelper: I doubt it! Namek's too far away for anybody there to even care about Venom, unless it was Freeza or any of his minions who can't speak Namekian. Now let's get back to the scenes.

(On the screen)

Ness: Let's save those members of the tribe of Cornerus.

(The Arwings pick up most of the members of the Cornerus Tribe.)

Poo: Dang! We can't hold anymore!

(Wolfen ships pick up the remaining members of the tribe and all 9 ships escape Venom as it blows up.)

(Off the screen)

Freeza (from on the Great Fox's engines through a loudspeaker): Attention! You can get your 3 best warriors to come out right onto the engines so that we can battle, or I force your 3 best warriors to come out right onto the engines by destroying them. The choice is yours. Hahahahahaha!

Nesshelper: Camera man, shut off the camera! We'll see these scenes later.

Camera man: Yes sir!

(The camera is shut off.)

Fox: Ness and Nesshelper, let's get to the engines.

(Nesshelper, Ness, and Fox get out of the Great Fox and onto the engines where Freeza is.)

Freeza: I was about to blow up the engines, and make you drift in space. Anyway, let's battle, SSB-style.

(Nesshelper talks to Ness and Fox using Telepathy.)

(In the Telepathy conversation...)

Nesshelper: Okay, here's my plan. Ness you absorb any projectiles Freeza throws at you and distract while I try to summon Bahumutt.

Ness: Sure thing!

Fox: What about me?

Nesshelper: Fox, you bounce back any projectiles you know Ness can't absorb and distract Freeza even more. All set?

Ness and Fox: Sure thing.

(Outside the Telepathy conversation which ends...)

Freeza: Are you ready?

Nesshelper: Sure. Bring it on!

(They all head for their positions.)

Jeff Manning: 3..2..1..GO!

(Nesshelper runs toward the front of the ship.)

Freeza: Yellow-belly! Come back and fight!

(Ness and Fox attack Freeza. Freeza then fires a beam at Ness who absorbs it.)

Freeza: Absorb this!

(Freeza fires another beam at Ness, then Fox gets in the way and bounces it back with his Reflector move. Freeza turns on his shield which gets broken by the attack, getting him paralyzed.)

Ness: Yes! By the time Freeza recovers, Nesshelper will have Bahumutt here already.

(Suddenly, Freeza recovers and knocks Fox and Ness sky-high. Soon afterwards, Bahumutt arrives and does Mega Flare which has no effect on Freeza.)

Freeza: Pathetic! You never should have called him. His death will be yours.

(Freeza hits Bahumutt, badly wounding him.)

Nesshelper: No, Bahumutt! You can't die. If you do, then I will as well.

(Freeza charges up a blast. Just as he was finished charging it up, he gets hit by a Super Genki Dama, knocking Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Recoom, Burter, Guldo, Zarbon, Dodoria, Kuwi, Nappa, and Radditz out of him.)

Freeza: Where did that come from?

Nesshelper: Whomever saved me by also saving Bahumutt, please come out!

(Goku, Gohan, Kuririn, Chao-Zu, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, and Yamacha appear.)

Nesshelper: Hey, Vegeta. I still remember that you said "Very astute of you, Holmes" to me. Thanks for the compliment.

Vegeta: Well, let's take care of these guys before talking about talking about any high level words or my "inferior" mind.

Nesshelper: In my opinion, your mind is superior, not inferior. Now let's get this show on the road.

Kuririn: Sure thing.

(Chao-Zu freezes Kuwi, Tien uses the Split Kikoho on Dodoria which makes him collapse, and Yamacha hits Zarbon with his Kamehameha technique. Zarbon transform into Zarbon-2, then Gohan uses his Masenkou and Piccolo uses his Mankaksopoppo on him and both attacks make him collapse. Kuririn hits Guldo with Destructo Disk and the rest of the Ginyu Force with Spread Shot and they all collapse.)

Nappa: We better get away while we have the chance.

Radditz: You're right, Nappa.

(Radditz and Nappa try to run away but they get cut off by Vegeta.)

Nappa: Please let us go.

Radditz: Yeah! We'll help you from now on.

Vegeta: Oh, I'll let you go..TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!

(Vegeta blasts Nappa and Radditz.)

Nappa: Vegeta, show us mercy!

Radditz: It looks like Radditz and Nappa are going to another dimension agaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnn......

(Radditz and Nappa disintegrate, then Jesse, James and Meowth from Team Rocket appear.)

Jesse: How dare you make a character use one of our lines.

James: We're going to sue you for plagerism, Nesshelper.

(Goku hits Freeza with the Super Genki Dama. Team Rocket gets caught in the explosion and get sent sky-high while Freeza collapse because of the attack.)

Team Rocket: It looks like Team Rocket is blasting off agaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnn......

(Team Rocket disappear and Freeza, the Ginyu Force, Zarbon, Dodoria, and Kuwi are teleported back to Carltron's Fortress.)