Esperanto Access -- Miscellaneous Information

You can access information about computers in Esperanto from this document.

Last updated: 2005.10.29

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Information about Esperanto and computers ...

Computers ... Esperanta Komputado-Centro (Peter COPPENS)
Computers (Programming) ... Animitaj Grafikaĵoj (Cleve LENDON)
Computers (On-line Forums) ... soc.culture.esperanto FAQ (Martin WEICHERT)
Computers (Programming) ... Řavo (Java) (Cleve LENDON)
Computers (Internet) ... Duoduo: Informatikaj solvoj kaj Internet (Jesús HERNÁNDEZ CASTILLO)
Computers (Internet) ... Movado por ne-rigardilo-specifa TTT (Jim KINGDON)
[Nova] Computers ... La Aro de PC (The PC Farm) ()
[Nova] Computers ... The Debian operating system ()
[Nova] Computers ... The project "Java Multlingva" to provide multilingual support for various applications (Thomas CORDONNIER)
[Nova] Computers (Text Editor -- Unicode) ... UniRed -- Unicode Text Editor for Windows (Jurij FINKEL)
[Nova] Computers ... ESPTAPI: Voice Synthesizer for Esperanto (YAMANO Toshio)
[Nova] Computers ... Open Office and Esperanto (Bertilo WENNERGREN)
[Nova] Computers ... Freeware World Team, Esperanto entry page ()
[Nova] Computers ... Geotags, and how to use them (Andrew WHEATLEY)